My Investment Diary我的投資日記09-03-11

I didn’t update my blog in the past two months as other commitments were driving me crazy.
This will be my last posting until I complete the other assignment and back to my regular timetable. Anyway, I am not satisfied with my investment so far in 2011. I wasn’t able to achieve the minimum $1500/month target because I made a wrong decision to bet on the gold stock. When you see the gold price goes up but the gold stock price goes down, it’s not a good sign. Kinross didn’t deliver good result in the last quarter, therefore it gave an excuse for the investors to sell the stock even though gold price climbs back to $1400 level due to political reasons. I hope to free up some money from the gold stock and reinvest in the financial sector in March . Fortunately, I made some money from RY, RCI.B and SLF. In overall, $2K profit in the last two months.  Not great, however it keeps me above the water. 

Happy Trading~

Cotton Seed


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